I am Dóra Sebő,
born in 1980 in Budapest. After high school graduation I was caught by this art form; after all I always preferred to draw. That's why I choosed the profession of glass design and manufacturing, that gives me a good combination to satisfy my permanent need for beauty and the creation of useful objects. I hope, I can delight others too with them.


Let me recall the activity of two artists, due to them my "Glass world" became such as you see here.

One of them is Louis Comfort Tiffany, Born in 1848 in a well-known designer-jeweller family in New York. C.C. Tiffany transcended the family traditions: while became a recognized jeweller he too, he realized a "revolution" in the glass arts. He succeeded to collect a team of the best chemists, glass-blowers ad designers, amassing series of recognitions. He perfectionned the glass-producing technology on a level which enabled his works to swampall over the world. He used a very large scale of colours, identificated with spacial names; his motifs, like the most applicated dragonfly, flowers, landscapes characterize the glass art design even today.

Despite he follow a mass production, he insisted to use a large variety of motifs, animated designs and sensuous, impressing colours. C.C. Tiffany adopted and introduced into mass production a Hungarian invention of Leo Pantocsek: the iridescent cover of glass objects, giving them a glossy, rainbow-hued look. His masterpieces are very popular even now; an original Tiffany standing lamp was priced at 6 million HUF (24 000 Euros) in a recent auction in the galerie of Judit Virág in Budapest. Today the lamps and other glass objects in the style of C.C.Tiffany are in vogue everywhere in Europe, in America and in Japan and in many other countries; I am making them with big pleasure.

The glasses I use for my objects are original, hand-made materials; mostly the American Kokomo and Spectrum brands. All my works has an original design and execution. In addition I respect the Tiffany style, I continously try to find my own way in this art, born from the medley of glass ad tin. Of course, I take all demands of my customers into account during the design and the execution; not only the motifs and the colours but the patina as well are selected in accordance with the atmosphere of the object and his surroundings.

The Hungarian tradition in the glass arts are also remarkable. At the end of the XIXth century Budapest enjoyed a dynamic prosperity and the owners of the new palaces on the Andrassy avenue and the villas around the Town Park needed high quality, sumptuouse decorations and lighting. The activity of glass designer Miksa (Max) Róth had accomplished just in that time: with accumulated experience of churches' windows restoration, he became the most appreciated and employed artist in that profile. He was the first in the Austro-Hungarian Empire who applicated the Tiffany-styled glass techniques with art-nouveau / Jugendstyle motifs and colours. Róth interpreted his profession as an "artistic work, imbued with personal spirit, temperament" - and all his masterpieces reflect this mentality. When I employ some of his typical motifs - most of them fetched from Hungarian popular arts - I bow before his eminent activity as well.

© 2005 Lico Bt.

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